Agricultural Mechanics for the Workplace 2


Semester Course (2 units)

Prerequisite: Agricultural Mechanics and Technology for the Workplace 1

The courses in Agricultural Mechanics and Technology are designed to qualify the student completing the courses for job entry into farm, business, or industrial phases of agricultural mechanics or to continue advanced training in post-secondary education. A combination of subject matter and activities is designed to teach technical knowledge and skills for entry-level positions in selling, selecting, and servicing agribusiness technical equipment and facilities, including computers, power units (tractors, small engines, turf equipment and grading equipment), machinery and equipment, structures and utilities.

Typical instructional activities include hands-on experiences with:

  1. agricultural power units with both diesel and gasoline engines

  2. power transfer through means such as chains, transmissions, hydraulics

  3. applied metal and woodworking fabrication methods

  4. applied construction such as fencing and livestock housing

All students are expected to participate in personal and community leadership development activities by planning and participating in FFA activities. This is a list of core competencies to be completed in one year by each student enrolled in these courses. The teacher may select additional competencies based on a local needs assessment. All qualified students have opportunities for work based learning through a supervised Agricultural Experience Program.


  • Agricultural Activity Fee is $45 for the year and it covers (2) tee-shirts, 1 each semester