Summer Career Exploration Experience

Ready to Select your Summer program?

The request period for the Summer Career Exploration Experience is open!

Please contact Mr. Lazear with any summer selection questions.

Students will need to be signed in to their SDPC Google account in order to complete the signup form. The easiest way to signup is for students to use their SDPC Chromebook.

Some FAQ's about the Summer Career Exploration Experience:

  • Who is this program geared towards?

    • Rising 7th & 8th grade students who are curious in a particular subject area.

  • How long is the summer program?

    • The Summer Career Exploration Experience is a two week program that allows students to get an overview of what that Program of Study has to offer.

  • How much does the summer program cost?

    • This program is completely free for students!

  • When will the program meet this summer?

    • Classes will be held Monday-Thursday, June 14-24, and run 9:00am - 2:00pm.

    • Lunch will be provided.

  • Will the student earn a credit for this program?

    • No. The goal of this program is to allow students to explore a career that they are interested in and not have to stress over a grade.

  • Why is the program only two weeks long?

    • With the new calendar, we wanted to respect everyone’s time this summer. We know that this is a short summer compared to previous years and it is important to build in time to recharge your batteries before August.

  • How will students get to the Career Center?

    • Students have two choices for transportation:

        • they can get on a shuttle bus from their home middle school

        • they may be picked up and dropped off as car riders

    • In the event that we need to conduct any student tracing, we will reach out to parents for their transportation selection.

  • Will COVID protocols be expected?

    • Yes. At this moment, we will continue to follow COVID protocols laid out by the district.

  • What programs will be offered?

    • We are focusing on five main areas: Applied STEM, Business & Leadership, Commercial Arts, Construction & Agriculture, and Health Care & First Responders. Students will be able to select a specific program within each of these area. Students will be able to select from the following programs:

  • Health Care & First Responders

    • Health Science

    • EMT & Sports Medicine

    • Firefighting & Law Enforcement

    • Biomedical Science

  • Applied STEM

    • Engineering

    • Machining

    • Robotics

    • Automotive

  • Agriculture

    • Agriculture - 1 week program (June 14-17)

  • Business & Leadership

    • Sports & Entertainment Marketing

    • Social Media Marketing

    • Business Leadership & Problem Solving

  • Commercial Arts

    • Digital Arts & Photography

    • Culinary Arts

    • Makeup & Nails