Machine Technology 2


Yearlong Course (2 units)

Prerequisite: Machine Technology 1

This course covers the study of metals, blueprint reading, machine operations and precision measuring. Students will operate lathes, mills, grinders, and drill presses to make hands-on projects. Most of the learning takes place in the shop (lab) as students make tools, etc. that they will use as they complete the course. There will be access to CNC/CAD/CAM software and training for students that want to begin the study of advanced manufacturing. This online training will be available year round. A good general knowledge of mathematics and being mechanically inclined helps a student to be successful in this course. This field of work has many opportunities with good paying jobs available. There are also Registered Youth Apprenticeships available with local businesses.


  • $55 - class fee includes SkillsUSA membership, class T-Shirt, and a materials