Health Science Clinical Study


Semester Course (2 units)

Grade Level: 12

(Nurse Aide Training or other Clinical Experience)

General Requirements: Prerequisites are Health Science 1, 2 & 3 with a grade of 75 or higher in each course. Students enrolled in this course as their 4th earned unit are considered a completer in the Health Science Program and are expected to take the end of program National Health Science Assessment.

Health Science Clinical Study is a course that guides students to make connections from the classroom to the healthcare industry through work –based learning experiences/activities. This course is designed to provide for further development and application of knowledge and skills common to a wide variety of healthcare professions. The students in this course will build on all information and skills presented in the previous required course foundation standards. The students will relay these skills into real life experiences. The student, teachers and work-based learning coordinators will work together to create opportunities for the students to get the best experience available in the districts geographic region. Students in this course should be First-Aid and CPR certified before participating in any healthcare experience outside of the classroom. Nurse-Aide candidates: under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse, students are prepared to perform nursing related services to patients and residents in hospitals or long-term care facilities. For Nurse –Aide programs students will review all foundation standards in the clinical study program as well as the addition of the South Carolina Nurse Aide Curriculum found in the training program packet This course meets all DHHS federal and state requirements for a certified nurse aide program in an approved NA training facility. Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from clinicals and purchasing appropriate scrubs. Students are also responsible for any vaccines or blood tests required by the healthcare facility.

Approximate cost:

  • Clinical Rotation - $150

  • Nurse Aide Exam - $101

  • CPR Certification - $5

  • HealthCenter21 - $20

  • Lab Fee - $25.

  • The approximate cost does not include: Scrubs, vaccines, drug screening test.

  • HOSA membership is highly recommended - $35